Monday, September 28, 2009

New Blinder M27 M47 Software Update

The latest software update for Blinder M27 X-TREME and M47 X-TREME laser jammers adds two new fixes for Canada/US version 2.6 (release date: Sept 28, 2009):
  • Sun Interfering filter (SIF) optimized
  • New filter added - Preventing alert to Infinity DCA system (distance control assist)
Infiniti's laser based distance control on most FX and M models has been triggering false alerts on most laser jammers today. False alerts such as strong IR from sunlight and Infiniti vehicles can be a hazzard for drivers as they think they are being targeted by a real police laser gun. We are pleased to see a laser jammer manufacturer release a fix for IR interference issues.

Download latest Blinder M27 M47 software update.

Blinder M27 and M47 laser jammers are available for purchase at

Blinder M27 X-TREME: $499 (CAD)
Blinder M47 X-TREME: $799 (CAD)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blinder M27 M47 X-TREME Laser Jammer Review

Laser guns are becoming more commonly used by traffic cops to check motorist's speed - are you protected?

Unlike conventional RADAR units, police laser guns do not give advanced warnings to radar laser detectors until it is too late. It offers pin-point accuracy and near-instant speed reading of the target vehicle. A laser jammer is the only hope for lead-foot drivers who want to avoid a laser speeding ticket.

Blinder International has recently announced and released their latest laser protection - M27 and M47 X-TREME laser jammers. Blinder  first company to develop and manufacture devices that effectively defeat all police laser guns with their patented technologies. With years of success in their M20/40 and M25/M45 series, the newest M27 and M47 now offer much improved performance, added parking sensor capability, as well as internet software updates.

Blinder M27 X-TREME:
  • Includes 2-transponders
  • CPU web update available via USB
  • Parking Assist function - parking sensor
  • Effective against all laser guns in Canada and USA
  • Priced at $499 (CAD)

Blinder M47 X-TREME:
  • Includes 4-transponders
  • Ideal for front (2 heads) and rear (2 heads) laser protection
  • CPU web update available via USB 
  • Parking Assist function - parking sensor
  • Priced at $799 (CAD)

We recently tested the Blinder M27 X-TREME on our test vehicle, a white Passat CC with a shiny chrome grill. The 2 transponders provide extremely sensitive laser detection as well as long range jamming against our laser guns - LTI Ultralybe LR B and Stalker.

In constant-jam mode, the M27 X-TREME was able to jam the guns up to extremely close range (50 ft). It can also be programmed to 4 second or 7 second mode using the Update Software. We strongly recommend turning off the jammer in a real-world scenario after adjusting your speed to the speed limit.

The new rocker switch offers 3 modes: Multi-purpose mode (jamming), OFF, and Park Assists (parking only) mode. The switch allows drivers to quickly shut down the system or turn the jammer into a pure parking sensor that does not interfere with laser guns.

While the M27's two transponders offer good front laser protection, some drivers might consider the M47 (4-transponders) for both front and rear protection against sneaky laser speed traps.

Buy Blinder M27 or M47 X-TREME - available from

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cheetah C50 GPS Camera Detector

If you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, or Montreal, or plan to drive through these cities, beware of the latest speed cameras in town. These speed cameras look no different from any conventional red-light cameras. They catch red-light runners "on red", but now also catch speeders "on green"!

Cheetah is known for designing GPS devices as well as their up-to-date database of all camera locations in Canada and the US. These speed cameras cannot be detected by conventional radar detectors or laser jammers.

We are proud to be the first dealer in Canada to introduce their latest model, the all new Cheetah C50 GPS Camera Detector, at a low price of $199.00 (CAD).

We would like to mention the following key features on the new C50:

65 Camera Alerts:
The C50 detects red-light cameras, speed cameras, known speed trap locations, and more. The C50 displays and counts down the distance to the camera location, until the driver has passed safely.

Trinity 2.0 Database:
The Trinity camera database has been well maintained by Cheetah, and is used by large manufacturers such as Escort and Beltronics for their GPS radar detectors. Cameras locations are added by users, and then verified by the community to ensure data accuracy.

Directional Intelligence:
Now the C50 understands which direction the speed cameras are facing. If two cameras are positioned to catch red-light runners or speeders going north-bound or south-bound, the C50 will not alert drivers approaching the intersection east-bound or west-bound.

Database Update Subscription:
While the C50 is significantly cheaper than C100 and GPSmirror, database update is no longer free. However, we offer $39.95 (CAD) for 3 year Gold Membership and $59.95 (CAD) for life-time Platinum Membership with 2-year extended warranty.

Buy Cheetah C50 GPS Camera Detector from

Available: Late September 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beltronics STi Driver Lite with Reduced Price

Beltronics STi Driver has been the best radar detector available in Canada. It used to come with a metal carrying case, direct-wire SmartCord, external speaker which are usually not included in other Escort and Beltronics radar detectors.

We often ask - even if the STi Driver is the flagship model, is it necessary to include the extras, which adds additional weight (2 Kg), cost, and shipping fees?

Let's take a look at the slimmed down packaging:

Price: $509.00 (CAD), reduced from $599.00 MSRP.

Accessories no longer available:

Metal carrying case:
Most users leave their Bel STi Driver on the windshield or sun visor all the time. It is one of the least important part which is now replaced by a lighter-weight convenient travel case.

External speaker:
The external speaker is designed for Beltronics STi-R and Passport 9500ci remote systems. The Bel STi Driver has a built-in speaker with very loud alert volume. Most users do not need to use the external one.

Direct-Wire SmartCord:
This is what most users will miss. While the slimmed package includes a coiled SmartCord that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket, who wants to hang a power cord from the windshield, across the dash, and use the STi Driver in areas where radar detectors are illegal?

We strongly recommend adding one of the following hardwire accessories if you wish to purchase the new STi package:
Direct-Wire Cord ($29.95) - links to the fuse box or any 12V and a ground
Direct-Wire SmartCord ($39.95) - like the direct-wire cord, with an additional display with LED alerts and mute.

See our previous review on Bel STi Driver.

The new Beltronics STi Driver Lite Pack ($539.00) is now available from