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AL Priority Laser Jammer Review

Antilaser AL Priority Laser Jammer Review - North American edition

Antilaser and AL Priority

Antilaser has been the leading laser jammer designer and manufacturer for the past decade. The newest AL Priority is Antilaser's 12th generation product, featuring fastest processing speed, high powered jamming diode, USB firmware upgradability, Bluetooth mobile connectivity via mobile app, and potential to interface with a 3rd party radar receiver and add-ons.

Proven Laser Defense against the newest DragonEye and Laser Ally LIDAR

AL Priority has been tested by many independent enthusiasts and radar/laser testing groups, and it's the only laser defence product on the market to offer JTG (jam to gun) performance.

DragonEye LIDAR was once undefeated by ANY laser jammers in 2014. Then comes the AL Priority to crack the code to block all variants of DragonEye and DragonCam systems successfully. AL Priority continued to be voted the best laser jammer for the past two years since its release.

Most popular LIDAR guns used in North America
Like most of Antilaser's predecessors, ALP is a perfectly legal "multi-purpose parking system". LID (jam) timer allows 4-second defence with automatic shutdown, and the user can easily toggle the system into parking-only mode.

Professionally installed by BPG AutoSound in Richmond, BC

AL Priority Laser Sensors

AL Priority control box can connect up to 5 laser sensors. Due to the complexity of the new LIDAR guns, we only recommend getting AL Priority Dual or higher model (minimum of 2 ALP sensors).

If you live in or plan to travel to Edmonton, Saskatoon, or Winnipeg, AL Priority Quad (2 front 2 rear) is recommended.

ALP laser sensor is very small, so it can be discretely mounted. Outer sensor dimension (LxHxW) is 1.18 x 0.55 x 2.24 in (30x14x57 mm). Sensor cable is detachable for easy wiring and troubleshooting if needed, and the tail has a cable side-exit for shallow bumper / grill install.

Professionally installed by BPG AutoSound in Richmond, BC

AL Priority Control Options

ALP Basic Control Set

AL Priority comes with different controller options. AL names the controller the "Control Set", which is the control pad with 2 buttons, a multi-colour LED, and a built-in buzzer that gives audible beeping alerts to any laser encounter. The basic kit provides the same laser performance as any other options.

ALP HiFi Control Set with Speaker

HiFi upgrade ($130) is a very popular option among enthusiasts who want to know which laser guns they get targeted with at a speed trap. It feature voice alerts, voice menu, and Lidar ID.

ALP Bluetooth Module with ALPConnect app

Another popular choice is the Bluetooth ALPConnect option. For $150 (CAD), Bluetooth Module allows wireless mobile connectivity using an iPhone or Android device. ALPConnect app offers a beautiful graphics user interface, and it connects to your ALP automatically when you start your car. 

Bluetooth option is also extremely popular among those who prefers to do a DIY install by themselves. It saves lots of complex wiring work when your mobile phone is the only thing that stays inside the cabin.

RG Plugin Interface for STiR / Radenso / V1 radar detectors

Antilaser designs radar detector interface for the STiR and Radenso HD+ remote antenna, adding radar detection to the world's best laser defence. V1 is also compatible with the integration. We will do another write and review on the radar integration this spring.

Conclusion on AL Priority

We are extremely impressed with the performance and build quality offered by the latest Antilaser AL Priority laser system. To sum up our review, ALP features:
  • High power jamming performance with wide angle detection
  • Covers all laser guns in Canada and USA (North American edition)
  • Smallest sensor head on the market
  • Control box connects up to 5 sensor units
  • LID Auto-Shutdown - prevents unintentional jam-to-gun and police hassle
  • Parking sensor for legal use in area that outlaws radar and laser detectors
  • USB firmware upgrade - continuous LIDAR support on new threats at no charge
  • Optional Bluetooth ALPConnect and HiFi Control Set for voice alerts
  • Radar Detector Add-on - STiR+, Radenso HD+, V1
  • 2-year factory warranty
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Beltronics STi Magnum Review

Beltronics finally released the all-new improved BEL STi Magnum, replacing the award-winning STi Driver, the first undetectable radar laser detector in the market. Beltronics STi Magnum offers up to 60% increased performance over the previous model STi Driver.

Beltronics STi Magnum cannot be detected by any police RDD (radar-detector-detector), including the old VG2 and the latest Spectre 3, Spectre 4, and Spectre 4+. Use of a radar detector is prohibited in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes, and all Territories. This makes the undetectable Beltronics STi Magnum the no.1 choice for drivers who live in these provinces or plan to travel in Eastern or Atlantic Canada.

With a huge performance boost on radar detection, noticeably in K and Ka police radar bands, we rate the BEL STi Magnum the best overall radar laser detector for use in Canada and the USA.

Beltronics STi Magnum includes the detector, Coiled SmartCord for cigarette lighter, quick-release windshield mount, spare suction cups, and the user manual. We highly recommend the optional accessories such as the Visor Holder, Direct-Wire SmartCord, or the Direct-Wire Cord for a better-hidden and discrete mounting.

Using the latest M3 dual radar antenna platform, the STi Magnum offers the best radar detection that outperforms the RX65, Passport 8500 X50 and 9500ix, and matches the performance of the more expensive Escort Redline. Sensitivity can be configured in Highway mode for maximum range, or AutoScan and Auto No-X mode for balanced alert distance and false signal rejection for city driving. We recommend leaving the STi Magnum in Highway mode for maximum sensitivity for police K and Ka bands.

Like the previous Bel STi Drivers, STi Magnum includes an audio ramp-up update that makes the STi Driver alert in a linear fashion to accurately reflect the radar signal strength. This update allows drivers to rely on the audible alerts without looking at the displayed signal bar graph.

2016 production model STi Magnum now comes equipped with expert firmware, features originally only available on STiR and Redline. Users can now take advantage of Ka-band segmentation and RDR settings. This improves range and response time on Ka band significantly.

This guide helps you learn how to program your Redline (and also STi Magnum) radar detector.
Ka-band Segmentation and RDR Firmware programming

Buy Beltronics STi Magnum - available from

Price updated: 2016-February
Recommended Accessories for the STi Magnum ($688 CAD):
Direct-Wire Cord ($39.95) - links to the fuse box or any 12V and a ground
Direct-Wire SmartCord ($49.95) - like the direct-wire cord, with an additional display with LED alerts and mute.
Visor Holder ($39.95) - Sun visor mount to hide the detector better.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beltronics STi-R Plus - Now available in Canada

Beltronics STi-R Plus Review - Canada and USA version

The highly anticipated Beltronics STi-R Plus remote radar laser detector has finally been released in Canada! We were very excited to be among the first in North America to review the latest product from Beltronics - what many countermeasure enthusiasts claim to be the best of the best radar detector on the market.

The BEL STi-R Plus we received is the North American version, preloaded with safety camera database (red-light cameras, speed cameras, and speed trap locations) covering both Canada and the USA. TSR (traffic signal rejection) is also an exclusive feature not found in the European or Australian models.

Beltronics STi-R Plus is a remote radar laser system, meaning that the radar laser receiver is mounted in the front grill for concealed install. It includes an interface box, front radar/laser receiver display module, control module, speaker, GPS antenna, and all necessary mounting accessories and documentation.

Beltronics STi-R Plus features:
  • Longest range radar detection with M3 Dual Antenna
  • Total Shield - 100% undetectable to Spectre RDD
  • GPS AlertLock - stores and lock out false alerts
  • AutoLock - intelligent automatic AlertLock
  • Safety Camera Database for Canada and USA
  • Ka Band Segment Filtering and RDR option - improves response against Instant-On and Quick-Trigger radar
  • Exclusive TSR (traffic signal rejection) - avoid K-band alerts from US highway traffic drones
  • Updatable via Beltronics Detector Tool
Comparable system to the STiR Plus is the Escort Passport 9500ci from the sibling company. Notable difference is that 9500ci includes the not-so-impressive ZR4 laser jammer, while the STi-R Plus gives users a choice to choose a better laser jammer such as the powerful Antilaser G9. STi-R Plus comes with a red display as opposed to 9500ci's blue display. 

STi-R Plus and Passport 9500ci shares the same dual-antenna radar receiver, therefore detection range is expected to be similar. Ka band segmentation gives STiR Plus a slight edge on detecting Instant-On, Quick-trigger, and vertically polarized RedFlex photo radar.

STi-R Plus and Escort 9500ci are both loaded with the same North America Defender database for red-light and speed cameras. GPS AlertLock and AutoLock from Beltronics are equivalent to TrueLock and AutoLearn from Escort, both designed to eliminate false alerts from automatic doors.

Overall we are very impressed with the new product from Beltronics. Bel STiR Plus is definitely the best radar detector money can buy in 2011.

Buy Beltronics STi-R Plus - available from KMPH Canada

Friday, January 8, 2010

Laser Pro Park Jammer Review

Laser Pro Park (LPP) is one of the best performing laser jammer we have tested. Manufactured and sold by KMPH LTD UK, Laser Pro Park uses high quality electronic components and rigid casing for its jammer sensor heads.

Laser Pro Park uses an extremely sensitive receiving photo-diode for detecting laser beams from police laser speed guns, even when the car is targeted at wide angles. LPP also uses a single powerful laser diode for firing infrared signals back to the laser gun and prevent a speed reading. "Diode" jammer is more powerful and effective than conventional "LED" jammers such as Blinder and Escort Shifter.

Laser Pro Park also works as a parking assist: it beeps when the sensor head sees cars or walls at close range. It makes the product legal to own and use in US and Canada.

Laser Pro Park sensor heads are the smallest we have seen in the market. They are only 4.5cm wide and 1.5cm thick, making them almost invisible when mounted on a black grill of a car.

Laser Pro Park comes with two models - single-head system or dual-head system. 1-head LPP offers enough coverage for a medium sized sedan, while 2-head LPP provides better coverage on a large sized SUV or truck.

Laser Pro Park include the following components:
  • Laser sensor (jammer) head (1 or 2)
  • Mounting Bracket
  • CPU Junction Box
  • Wire Harness with power switch, buzzer, LED, and mute button
  • "Parking Sensor" user manual with no mention of jamming capability
Special Note: we have had some inquiries regarding the UK manufacturer of Laser Pro Park prior to writing this laser jammer review. Many readers have read misleading and untrue information posted on one laser jammer tests website which promotes a poorly manufactured Laser Star.

We have confirmed that Laser Pro Park manufacturer KMPH LTD (UK) is financially healthy with steady growth in sales. With a strong R&D team and world-wide distribution channels, we do not foresee such a company to go under.

Laser Pro Park Single-head System:

  • Includes 1 sensor head
  • Effective against all laser guns in Canada and USA, including the latest LTI TruSpeed
  • Parking Assist function - parking sensor for legal use
  • Panic Mode - disables jamming function
  • Optional Cheetah Wiressl Kit available
  • Priced at $499

Laser Pro Park Dual-head System:

  • Includes 2 sensor heads
  • All features from a single-head system
  • Better coverage for larger SUV or truck
  • Optional Cheetah Wireless Kit available
  • Priced at $799

Buy Laser Pro Park - available from

Demonstration Video:

Laser Pro Park vs. the latest TruSpeed laser gun:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Valentine 1 Radar Detector for Canada

Valentine 1 is a radar laser detector designed by Mr. Mike Valentine, the founder of Valentine Research - one of the leading manufacturers for radar detectors. Valentine 1, knowns as "V1", is well-known for its extreme sensitivity and directional arrow displays.

Dispite its reputation on performance and reliability, here's the questions:

Is Valentine 1 suitable for drivers in Canada?

Unfortunately, for many Canadians, the Valentine 1 is NOT the one. We will explain why.

There are only three provinces in Canada that permit legal use of a radar detector - British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Radar detectors are illegal in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and PEI.

Police in these eastern provinces use Spectre radar detector detectors (RDD) to catch drivers using a radar detector. Valentine 1 can be detected, unfortunately. Drivers who get caught using a radar detector will not only lose their detector, but also face hefty fines.

So for our fellow Canadian drivers - if you plan to use a radar detector in prohibited provinces, you must select one of our "undetectable radar detectors".
Find out more about undetectable radar detectors on

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Escort Passport 9500ci Review

Escort Passport 9500ci 

Are you in the market looking for the best concealed radar laser detector for your car?

Living in or when traveling through a province where radar detectors are banned has always been difficult, with a windshield mounted radar detector, even when it is undetectable. The Escort Passport 9500ci provides complete stealth, having an undetectable remote radar receiver and laser shifters. This avoids attention from cops looking for windshield suction cups commonly used for most radar detectors on the market.

Passport 9500ci Features:
  • 100% undetectable to police Spectre radar detector detector (RDD), making them the best radar detectors for use in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes, where radar detectors are banned.
  • Longest detection range using M3 Dual-Antenna design
  • ZR4 Laser Shifters for laser jamming
  • GPS red-light and speed camera database
  • True-Lock and Auto-Learn for locking out false X and K-band alerts from automatic doors
  • 3-year free camera database and firmware updates
What we like about the Escort Passport 9500ci:
  • Incredible range - this system has the best range compared to all radar detectors on the market. Even if you plan to drive in BC, Alberta, or Saskatchewan where radar detectors are legal to use, this will change your driving experience having the best system that sniff out sneaky cops running radar traps.
  • Quietest radar detector - with the fantastic GPS features - True-Lock and Auto-Learn, the 9500ci will learn and remembers locations with false K-band alerts emit by automatic doors, intelligently and automatically. This feature is not found in any other long range detectors including the Escort RedLine or the Beltronics STi Driver.
  • All In One - 9500ci is fully packaged. Not only does it detect radar, it also provides Laser Shifter for laser jamming, as well as warnings to red-light cameras and speed cameras.
 What can be improved:
  • ZR4 Laser Shifter - While providing adequate laser protection in real-world scenarios, we found that the Shifter heads are rather big and noticeable. There are also better performing laser jammers such as the Antilaser G9, using more advanced and powerful laser diodes.

Buy Escort Passport 9500ci in Canada - available from

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Blinder M27 M47 Software Update

The latest software update for Blinder M27 X-TREME and M47 X-TREME laser jammers adds two new fixes for Canada/US version 2.6 (release date: Sept 28, 2009):
  • Sun Interfering filter (SIF) optimized
  • New filter added - Preventing alert to Infinity DCA system (distance control assist)
Infiniti's laser based distance control on most FX and M models has been triggering false alerts on most laser jammers today. False alerts such as strong IR from sunlight and Infiniti vehicles can be a hazzard for drivers as they think they are being targeted by a real police laser gun. We are pleased to see a laser jammer manufacturer release a fix for IR interference issues.

Download latest Blinder M27 M47 software update.

Blinder M27 and M47 laser jammers are available for purchase at

Blinder M27 X-TREME: $499 (CAD)
Blinder M47 X-TREME: $799 (CAD)