Friday, January 8, 2010

Laser Pro Park Jammer Review

Laser Pro Park (LPP) is one of the best performing laser jammer we have tested. Manufactured and sold by KMPH LTD UK, Laser Pro Park uses high quality electronic components and rigid casing for its jammer sensor heads.

Laser Pro Park uses an extremely sensitive receiving photo-diode for detecting laser beams from police laser speed guns, even when the car is targeted at wide angles. LPP also uses a single powerful laser diode for firing infrared signals back to the laser gun and prevent a speed reading. "Diode" jammer is more powerful and effective than conventional "LED" jammers such as Blinder and Escort Shifter.

Laser Pro Park also works as a parking assist: it beeps when the sensor head sees cars or walls at close range. It makes the product legal to own and use in US and Canada.

Laser Pro Park sensor heads are the smallest we have seen in the market. They are only 4.5cm wide and 1.5cm thick, making them almost invisible when mounted on a black grill of a car.

Laser Pro Park comes with two models - single-head system or dual-head system. 1-head LPP offers enough coverage for a medium sized sedan, while 2-head LPP provides better coverage on a large sized SUV or truck.

Laser Pro Park include the following components:
  • Laser sensor (jammer) head (1 or 2)
  • Mounting Bracket
  • CPU Junction Box
  • Wire Harness with power switch, buzzer, LED, and mute button
  • "Parking Sensor" user manual with no mention of jamming capability
Special Note: we have had some inquiries regarding the UK manufacturer of Laser Pro Park prior to writing this laser jammer review. Many readers have read misleading and untrue information posted on one laser jammer tests website which promotes a poorly manufactured Laser Star.

We have confirmed that Laser Pro Park manufacturer KMPH LTD (UK) is financially healthy with steady growth in sales. With a strong R&D team and world-wide distribution channels, we do not foresee such a company to go under.

Laser Pro Park Single-head System:

  • Includes 1 sensor head
  • Effective against all laser guns in Canada and USA, including the latest LTI TruSpeed
  • Parking Assist function - parking sensor for legal use
  • Panic Mode - disables jamming function
  • Optional Cheetah Wiressl Kit available
  • Priced at $499

Laser Pro Park Dual-head System:

  • Includes 2 sensor heads
  • All features from a single-head system
  • Better coverage for larger SUV or truck
  • Optional Cheetah Wireless Kit available
  • Priced at $799

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Demonstration Video:

Laser Pro Park vs. the latest TruSpeed laser gun:

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