Saturday, November 28, 2009

Escort Passport 9500ci Review

Escort Passport 9500ci 

Are you in the market looking for the best concealed radar laser detector for your car?

Living in or when traveling through a province where radar detectors are banned has always been difficult, with a windshield mounted radar detector, even when it is undetectable. The Escort Passport 9500ci provides complete stealth, having an undetectable remote radar receiver and laser shifters. This avoids attention from cops looking for windshield suction cups commonly used for most radar detectors on the market.

Passport 9500ci Features:
  • 100% undetectable to police Spectre radar detector detector (RDD), making them the best radar detectors for use in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes, where radar detectors are banned.
  • Longest detection range using M3 Dual-Antenna design
  • ZR4 Laser Shifters for laser jamming
  • GPS red-light and speed camera database
  • True-Lock and Auto-Learn for locking out false X and K-band alerts from automatic doors
  • 3-year free camera database and firmware updates
What we like about the Escort Passport 9500ci:
  • Incredible range - this system has the best range compared to all radar detectors on the market. Even if you plan to drive in BC, Alberta, or Saskatchewan where radar detectors are legal to use, this will change your driving experience having the best system that sniff out sneaky cops running radar traps.
  • Quietest radar detector - with the fantastic GPS features - True-Lock and Auto-Learn, the 9500ci will learn and remembers locations with false K-band alerts emit by automatic doors, intelligently and automatically. This feature is not found in any other long range detectors including the Escort RedLine or the Beltronics STi Driver.
  • All In One - 9500ci is fully packaged. Not only does it detect radar, it also provides Laser Shifter for laser jamming, as well as warnings to red-light cameras and speed cameras.
 What can be improved:
  • ZR4 Laser Shifter - While providing adequate laser protection in real-world scenarios, we found that the Shifter heads are rather big and noticeable. There are also better performing laser jammers such as the Antilaser G9, using more advanced and powerful laser diodes.

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