Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blinder M27 M47 X-TREME Laser Jammer Review

Laser guns are becoming more commonly used by traffic cops to check motorist's speed - are you protected?

Unlike conventional RADAR units, police laser guns do not give advanced warnings to radar laser detectors until it is too late. It offers pin-point accuracy and near-instant speed reading of the target vehicle. A laser jammer is the only hope for lead-foot drivers who want to avoid a laser speeding ticket.

Blinder International has recently announced and released their latest laser protection - M27 and M47 X-TREME laser jammers. Blinder  first company to develop and manufacture devices that effectively defeat all police laser guns with their patented technologies. With years of success in their M20/40 and M25/M45 series, the newest M27 and M47 now offer much improved performance, added parking sensor capability, as well as internet software updates.

Blinder M27 X-TREME:
  • Includes 2-transponders
  • CPU web update available via USB
  • Parking Assist function - parking sensor
  • Effective against all laser guns in Canada and USA
  • Priced at $499 (CAD)

Blinder M47 X-TREME:
  • Includes 4-transponders
  • Ideal for front (2 heads) and rear (2 heads) laser protection
  • CPU web update available via USB 
  • Parking Assist function - parking sensor
  • Priced at $799 (CAD)

We recently tested the Blinder M27 X-TREME on our test vehicle, a white Passat CC with a shiny chrome grill. The 2 transponders provide extremely sensitive laser detection as well as long range jamming against our laser guns - LTI Ultralybe LR B and Stalker.

In constant-jam mode, the M27 X-TREME was able to jam the guns up to extremely close range (50 ft). It can also be programmed to 4 second or 7 second mode using the Update Software. We strongly recommend turning off the jammer in a real-world scenario after adjusting your speed to the speed limit.

The new rocker switch offers 3 modes: Multi-purpose mode (jamming), OFF, and Park Assists (parking only) mode. The switch allows drivers to quickly shut down the system or turn the jammer into a pure parking sensor that does not interfere with laser guns.

While the M27's two transponders offer good front laser protection, some drivers might consider the M47 (4-transponders) for both front and rear protection against sneaky laser speed traps.

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